Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Among the SIGNS

The Signs of the End
I remember, as a child, tagging along or rather being dragged along. My mom would always drag us along with her whenever she went to listen to religious sermons. Either at a neighbour's hose or at the local “pondok”. Us being my brother, my sisters and me. The pondok was run by a well know Tok Guru. Haji Wan Leh. Another pondok was under a certain Pak Sheikh. I cannot remember his name. I went to the latter's school for Koran lessons and recitals.
What I am about to write here is the stories I heard from the Hajjah who gave lessons from our neighbours house. The stories about the end of days, the signs that shall appear to show that it is coming soon.
I remember her saying that in the coming days, people would go around naked. My young mind would just imagine how it would be like. Also she told us about how, in the end days,, mosquitoes would be the size of a chicken. And that there would be appearing, stranger and weirder things and occurrences. My body would shiver imagining a chicken size mosquito gunning for me. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaarrgghhHHH!!!!!!
Now when I reminisce about those days as a kid, I begin to see the true nature of her stories. I shall begin with the naked people. Ustazs and religious people would just say that, that refers to the way people dresses these days. But I beg to differ. I say no, that's not the case. People do go around naked literally. One can find them on specially designated nude beaches in some countries. One can also find them at nudist camps or clubs in most western nations. Not that I find it wrong. Its just their way of relaxing. They have their rules and principles. Period.
Next comes the stories about chicken size mosquitoes. This one I believe has been lost in the translation. Lets us look at what has beset us at the present time. We have dengue, malaria and a whole lot of mosquito bearing diseases. Next we see in the news is the bird flu virus. A chicken sized mosquito would just as well killed you as well as a dengue fever carrying mosquito.
One story that remember is from school lessons by an Ustaz. That was in secondary school. Sultan Abdul Hamid College to be exact. He said, in the days of end, you'd see Gunung Keriang flying by. Once, while on one of my trips back to my home town, I'd find that the landscape has change. As I strain myself to remember, I would recall the words of my Ustaz. But there's no hill or mountain flying by. Just that a hill has gone missing! Then another and another as the drive make it's way along my journey home. The hills and mountains didn't fly, but they moved. Not by themselves, but by man. That is besides the point, which is the prophecies, turned out to be true after all.
Strange things have been appearing in the news frequently. This are all brushed aside as freaks of nature, ignoring the prophecies of yore foretelling their appearances. Of course I can't back up my say here with any hard factual books or proof of ever there were any writings regarding all of the above. Of course there are books out there with these stories and lessons, just that I only got them through word of mouth.
They, being just part of my childhood. My growing up. Guess its up to you to make up your mind in this regard.


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