Monday, August 31, 2009

Dear oh dear

It was about five in the afternoon. I had just been to Bandar Tasek Selatan, but only at the LRT station. My brother was waiting for me there. The meeting was set a day or two before. He said, he got some things to give me, namely some shirts and a pair of shoes.

I only expected maybe 2 or the most 3 shirts, but I got maybe a dozen. All secondhands or hand-me-downs. But even though they were worn or used, I guess the owner seldom put them on. They were in very good condition. Not like some clothes I found donated at some fire related accidents. I used to present myself then, to help the wakil rakyat's assistants. There were a few fire related incidents. Usually the fire occurs at setinggardens of stubborn dwellers.

Anyway, there I was at the Central Market Putra station wondering whether to return to Setapak or break fast in town. Then I thought, why not ask the boys to join me. Where is Central Market? Can we take a rain check? Oh , ok, forget about it then. I ended the call. Before I know it, I bought a 2nd hand Nokia 6700, chrome. Its beautiful, now I have a camera to record anything I come across or whatever I wish. Here are some of the 1st pictures i took. But the boys raya budget has been reduced greatly. Dear oh dear.

Dear oh dear

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kereta Kebal Kaca

Ahli Parlimen

Apa kuasa ahli parlimen?
apa etika seorang ahli parlimen?
Apa adap seorang ahli parlimen?
apa tanggung jawab seorang ahli parlimen?
Adakah ahli parlimen boleh mengendahkan arahan pegawai polis?
Adakah akibat tidak mengendahkan arahan polis, ahli parlimen boleh terus menuduh bermacam2 kepada anggota polis yang menjalankan tugas?

Aku ada banyak nak kata,, tapi cukup la dengan "FUCK YOU! SCUM of Parliment!"

I miss you boys but...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cerita lama baru keluar

Al kisah budak2 tua berkumpol setelah berpisah selama lebih 30 tahun.
Masih budak2 lah. Sebab last bertemu pun masa budak2.
Berkumpul nya budak2 ni di Pantai Merdeka, Kedah.
Pada 6 haribulan Jun, menyambut hari lahir bersama, yang ke 50.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Hebat imaginasi artis ini, dan nampak cam layak juga boleh gerak laju. Petikan dari ... alamak dah hilang dah url tu, minta maaf yaa. Dan selamat berpuasa , maaf zahir batin.

Banking Phobic

Today I receive a cheque from EPF. I applied for a withdrawal a couple of weeks before. How I wish they would give me my savings in cash. But no. Its not their policy and so I would have to go through the humdrum of opening an account, get a card and also fill up forms. The 1st thing when I get the card is to change the pin number, they instructed. Guess what? I did change the pin number but before you know it, the machine swallowed my card, saying there's been an error, please refer to the bank for further action. Luckily I just received the card only minutes ago. So off I went to the officer in charge of "swallowed" cards. He handed me a form, please fill this. Arghh. Ok, you got to do what you got to do. Fill them I did, but the cashier said "you have to pay a penalty". What? Can I just closed this damned account and get back my deposit? "No sir, we will have to penalise you for that too". argghhhh.
In the end, I have to swallow my pride and just follow the rules. I hate banks. I have never had any dealings with banks for decades! Now I hafta open an account, just so that I can get my hands on my savings. The cheque should clear by wednesday they told me. Then I can use that money for some business this ramadan. Any ideas?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Social Contract

Its unwritten. But now we have found the basis for its creation. Even though it is said to be unwritten, BUT!,, it is written in the form of a will by the sultans and rajas.

Majlis Raja-Raja said:

Kontrak Sosial ini tidak wajar dipertikai dan dipersoalkan lebih-lebih lagi disemak semula atau diubah kerana ia adalah merupakan asas utama pembentukan negara Malaysia. Untuk itu Raja-raja Melayu wajar memperingatkan supaya isu berkaitan Kontrak Sosial tidak sekali-kali cuba diuji dan dicabar.

And here is the original will or wasiat raja2 melayu which was made even before MERDEKA. wasiat

Jadi, usah lah jadi seperti sesetengah pengikut2 MALAUN yang telah menanamkan pendirian atau kepahaman seperti ," raja2 dan sultan2 hanya dari keturunan lanun2 dan penyamun2 yang menaik takhta setelah menjadi kuat" atau ayat2 yang seangkatan dengannya.

To the non malays/muslim who reads this, I apologise if I have cause any alarm in you. Do not be so, because if I uphold the will of the rajas and sultans , so be it I will uphold what has been agreed.

Peace for Malaysia. We shall live as one.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Setengah orang.

I'm thinking about some people. Some people who want other people's lives to go haywire with their antics. Some people whose antics bring disrepute to the nation. Some people who like to drag some other not so smart people to join them in their unbelievable cause. Some people who want to be believed but their actions warrants unbelievabality or a certain amount of disbelievablelity. Wow, I must have created a couple of new word there or hahahaa, nevermind.

I am thinking about some people who got the nerves to lie. The same people whose nerves are not as great as their ethics. But their egos. Huh! You tell me about it. And these same people can really make some not so smart people follow them.. Thats what amazes me.

These people really can get to you. They can make you mad, I think. NO? Perhaps not, but. Never mind.

I've been wondering for sometime now.You know, just like the last scene in P Ramlee's Hang Tuah? who is right? Is it Jebat or is it me, Hang Tuah who is right. anyone remember? NaHHHH. Nevermind again. But the arguments against, and evidence too, are pretty solid if you may ask. But still they believed. What happened? How did he do it?

I ain't finished yet, ya hear? I'll be back!!!