Saturday, September 12, 2009


One fine day, I believe it was a Saturday morning, I was working alone in our bengkel in Kampung Semarak. Kg Semarak at that time was still out of the way of developement.

It was a quiet morning, I had already had my breakfast and already "khatam" the newspaper. Everything was nice and quiet. Suddenly I heard a scream but it sounds like it came from some distant away from me. At first I ignore it but then the wailing came again, I rushed out to see what had happened.

I saw a lady sitting on the road pavement, a few people were already rushing to her aid. I ran too. As I neared her, I saw her clutching a baby, blood oozing out the ear. I glance across the road, a man was sitting there, his face distorted, his jaws cut through, but still alive. There were already people gathering. I assess the situation, trying to make out what happened.

A chinese man was talking to some people I know. I heard that the motorcyclist was hit by an oncoming car. The chinese man told that, he slowed down at the road bump but a car from behind overtook him and went flying over the bump and thats where it hit the couple on the motorcycle. It seems the driver was not familiar with the road, hence he tried to overtake at the bump when the car in front slowed down. The rider had crashed into the car. What happened to the pillion and baby I didn't know.

Then I saw the culprit, standing with an older woman in a sari.I quickly went to him. I was thinking of apprehending him or something and keeping him till the police arrive. When I neared him, he suddenly collapsed! Just a minute ago he was standing but he suddenly collapse and the elderly lady came over in front of him and was sort of trying to prevent something. It never cross my mind to do anything but only to hold him till the police arrive. Well he was lucky it was me that reach him first, were it to be somebody else from the kampung........ Then I turn my attention away from the driver and gave instructions to those gathering to help. When I turn around, the driver was gone.

A few minutes later I saw the driver walking with a group of men. They were shielding him. My friend volunteered to send the injured couple to the hospital, seeing that no ambulance had come, along with the chinese driver. The culprit got away. My friend who was suppose to make a police report was told it that he can't make it becaues he was a witness, not the victim. And I supposed the culprit got away scot free.

The next day, I heard that the couple were married for years and only recently were they gifted a baby. No wonder I could hear her wailing from inside my bengkel 50 yards away.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Divine reminder?

As I've told earlier, about the day I ask my sons to join me for buka puasa and they decline. In a fit, I bought a handphone. Not that I need it very much, but more of feeling of angst or anger .

So there I was enjoying the new gadget. With its 5 mega pixel camera and 2 gig memory chip. And the fully chrome casing. It was beautiful. Was? hahahahaah Yes, was.

This is what happened. Since DBKL has stop supplying water by pipe or by truck, taking a bath is really a chore very much dreaded. One friend offered his out house a few hundred metres away, but the roof is low because a tree branch has landed on it, probably not from the last storm when one notes the growth on the roof itself. Or I can also cycle to the nearest shell station. Recently we receive one new neighbour. He offered me his bathroom. What a relief!

So there I was preparing for my bath. 1st, you will have to connect the rubber hose. Then connect that hose to the tap next door. Then only can one take the bath. The water pressure is very strong. Which is nice but very wasteful because one cannot turn off or on the tap at will. meaning the water will flow continously and go down the drain.(we are working on that)

Sorry for straying. So there I was, in the bath. I strip and hang my jeans, belts and all on the door. Its a zinc door, with the top corner bended just enough you can hang your jeans there. but it must be hanged properly. Then I turn to relief myself standing up, facing the bowl. My mind straying, of the past, this raya, my sons all rolling around in my thoughts at once. I thought of past sins, when will I absolve my self.

Guess what happens next? The jeans slip from the door sill and the phone drops right into the bowl which I hadn't pump! I quickly dip my hands into it and pick my phone, and thought, what the hell its already wet, so I douse the phone with the hose and its all powerful rush of water.

You may pass judgement, thank you.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lembu Korban

Aku nak kata sikit saja, tatau nak tuju kat sapa. Mungkin yang paling ketara nak tuju kat Hisham laa kot?

Tiap2 tahun pastinya Datok buat korban. Korban lembu atau kambing? Adakah Dato' menghina kaum lain? Soal pokok,, orang menuju pejabat sekretariat,, bukan tempat sembahyang? Yang dok pi terasa sangat pasal apa dan yang apologetic sangat pasal apa? Dulu pasal keris pun datok apologetic? Jadi kita kena sentiasa minta maaf lah sebab rumah kita yang kita bagi orang duduk buat harta sampai bila2 ni tak sesempurna dan kita kena la sentiasa minta maaf kerana ia tak sempurna? Depa nak saman kerajaan britain,, biark pi kat depa,, . Apa dah jadi dengan saman tu? ini kita nak layan pulak saman depa di sini? Aku dah mula ...... dot ... dot... dot... dengan datuk laa, minta maaf laa bro.