Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blame somebody syndrome

That is the dilemma facing many of our people, read Malay.
I get sick hearing this blame game every morning over breakfast at my regular watering hole.
Once, I was observing three 4 year olds chatting, kids chat. Its like a cat talking to a duck and a chicken. As usual, one gets cranky. So I just went “harrumph!”. A father was nearby. I heard him say, “ I’ve got to lookout over my daughter. There’s no telling. She might just strike out.” What that father did not realize is, he’s the one who shape his little girl’s actions. I did not say anything, knowing his temper. This fellow went on about his neighbours. Not the household kind but at his workplace which he got along with his present neighbours. How they all will get into trouble when DBKL starts collecting rental and how undeveloped his neighbours are! Bla bla bla.
That reminds me of a few Malay proverbs. The English equivalent is ; when there’s a will, there is a way. “Like a toad under a coconut shell” is a direct translation from its original language. Or, “don’t walk like a crab, said father crab”.
What they forgot are some tenets of Islamic doctrines. Such as obey your leaders. Respect others or others opinion, knowing your subject and different terminology and interpretations by different scholars. Among other things, obviously they rank among the know not and learn not, ignorant! Ignorance is the bane of the Malays. Poor memory bank is another. One should not blame others when one does not lift a finger to change one’s predicament. Or if one stop one’s endeavour upon stumbling on the way.
Besides, there the bigger picture that we should look at. If you say the frame is our border, then read no further. What I’m saying is out there, beyond our region even! It’s the international situation. Who are pulling the strings there? Causing havoc all over the entire world with their political and economic maneuverings. Threats are subtly made, almost unsaid. Even with Obama, America is still ruled by the Jewish Lobby. so there.. Until and unless the world or muslims truly unite.. then forget about trying to make a change. period.

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