Thursday, February 26, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Wow!! WOW!!! and triple WOWHH!!!!

That was some movie. I just finished watching it. My friend downloaded it three days back and completed the downloading about 10 something tonight(Thursday).

We have heard how the movie won Best Picture oscar and in my opinion, they deserved it. Never mind all the other technical oscars that they won. 8 I believe is the total number of oscars that they won. They scored on that score too.

Shall I spoil the fun and reveal the story? No, I'm not the type. So i highly recommend you , my blog viewers to give it a shot. Believe me, its good. Been a while since I enjoyed a good movie. Pity though that it took a mat salleh and crew to direct and produce for it to win an oscar or oscars.

But I'll just give you some bits and pieces about the movie. Its messages, subtle and hidden. Yes, these feel good movies have their messages too, good or bad depends on us to evaluate.

Mostly, its about human nature. The good ones, bad ones, dark or vicious. Yes, you'll find them in there somewhere. It also shows us about society, which we can compare with ours. Wether as a small community or as a nation.

So enjoy. And be prepared. Be sensitive. Loved and be loved.

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