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Beware the Hand that Feeds: Raja Petra Kamaruddin Compromised

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April 16, 2010 ·

He now forages through the debris of his “great alliance of opposition to anything and everything that had life in it” for answers to his future (if he has any).

He opposed anything and everything that was beyond the pale of his peony intellect. He does all of this to find solace for his tormented soul, in the vain hope of a messianic return to Malaysia as the lost prince. But alls not lost. Raja Petra Kamaruddin does have supporters and support in Malayisia. But not all of it from from friends.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin, the vandal extraordinaire of Malaysian political graffiti and self indulgent political trash is once more desperately attempting to knit together a coalition of loosers. And unwittingly this man of principles has been and continues to be the beneficiary of the largesse of his bile and vitriol, his personal and political target of the past 2 years, one Najib Tun Razak now Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The good Raja has recently been found to be in the company of Hindraf’s Waythamoorthi and a coeterie of East Malaysian political warlords and nepotistic clansmen from Sabah and Sarawak meeting under the umbrella of treachery supplied by British Intelligence parading as their hosts. History is certainly not a strong point of either of these power hungry self acclaimed leaders of a bellicose, vocal and politically bankrupt policy neutral “elite of opposition forces”.


The same hospitality as Raja and Wyathamoorthi enjoy today in relative comfort of the British Isles, was once supplied to Mahatma Gandhi all those years ago in an attempt to compromise the Great leader’s morality and to garner all the intelligence required by the British to protect their interests in the region. Gandhi had a purpose and a higher objective. Not Rajaa not Waythamoorthi. Its personal to the latter two.

To his credit Anwar Ibrahim has kept out of sight of these meetings demonstrating some degree of political experience and savvy. Not good enough though to form government. His credibility though is likely to suffer. It is ‘guilt by association’. He cannot now afford to cut them loose nor can he tinat himself and his purpose by any association with them. And here’s why.

Anwar is unfortunately himself facing his own trials and tribulations at home whilst trying to distance himself from what was once hoped to be a strong alliance of disgruntled politically aware and ambitious Malaysians. Not anymore.

The party is over. The music has stopped and Raja Petra Kamaruddin is out trying to carve out a niche for himself whilst making a complete fool of himself at private parties and functions preaching to the converted in the UK and other European cities. Malaysians with nothing better to do in London and its other major cities after school and work flock to be in these circles to be noticed not by him but by others present.


Najib Razak may be perceived to be a fool and a lame duck Prime Minister by Raja Petra Kamaruddin. It is and will be Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s undoing. Najib Razak has been cleverly courting all opposition leaders (as this group see themselves (in exile) ) and that includes Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Waythamoorthi.

He Najib and the Malasyian government have sufficient material evidence on all the goings on the toing and froing from London to Singapore and Europe by each and every individual within this crass mixture of immature so called alternative leaders who fund their excesses at the expense of the gullible. the masses forking out ti maintain the luxurious jet set lifestyles of these two.

What’s perhaps not understood by Waythamoorthi and Raja Petra Kamaruddin is the Najib and his government have been indirectly funding their limited sojourns to south east Asia very cleverly. Come election time, revelations of their enjoyment of the largesse of their enemy (Najib Tun Abuld Razak’s government) it won’t be a story or a relationship they will be able to explain away to the people. And questions of the quality of the ‘leadership’ of these ‘babe’s in the wood’ would become more apparent to a tired following of imbeciles in Malaysia.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin has been actively and desperately negotiating guarantees for his personal comforts and his personal political ambitions to be realised, for his place in the sun with someone he refers to very unsubtely as a murderer of Altantuya. That’s the Raja Petra Kamaruddin morality. It will not happen. Raja Petra has allowed his vanity to rule his personality and his life. In doing so he has compromised every fibre of his integrity, political and personal.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin has shown little regard for the followers he milks through unofficial fund raising campaigns and income from his rag and graffitti sheet Malaysia Today. What he is clearly unaware of like his friend Waythamoorthi is that some of that money and advice they get come from Najib Tun Abdul Razak their nemesis in politics.

As for the crowd from Sabah and Sarawak, well their petty kingdoms and political ambitions are what interests them most. They need support to help them undo Malaysia so that they will then be at liberty to emulate the totalitarianism of the Sultan of Brunei with despotic tribal rule in their home turf.

The oil and Gas and the timber. Thats what the Sabah and Sarawak fight is about. Hidden between those noble aspirations of ‘independence and cultural identity” and the more sinister Chinese led claims to Kalimantan. It being (by their history) an ancient kingdom of their once far flung empire. That imperial ambition has never been lost. That claim however ridiculous remains. And there are Malays and Indians foolish enought to support it. with Raja and Waythamoorthi at the helm.

Syed Ali Khan (London)

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