Saturday, April 23, 2016

Joseph(Yusuf) in the Quran.

Joseph or Yusuf in the Quran is an elaborate story.
A beautiful story about the most handsome Man in History.
How women, in awe of his beauty, cut themselves while peeling fruits.

Yusuf was bestowed with the abiility to interpret dreams.

In the Bible, Yusuf was seduced and although he rejected the enticement, he was
found guilty because he  left his coat in  the Mistress room, and was imprisoned.

But in the Quran,  it says, his shirt was torn  from behind. proof that  he declined the temptations and the seducer failed to charge Yusuf with a false charge.

Recital of the Surah Yusuf(Joseph)

two links for comparison.

And following are screenshots of some verses of the Holy Quran with regards
to the story of Joseph(Yusuf)

May God guide us. Aamiiinnn...

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