Thursday, February 8, 2018

A  story about a tune.

This is a story about a tune, a song, first composed by Johari Salleh.  

He wrote a song   and the lyrics were added by another.

Frankie Cheah with My Dark World, a track from the album "You" released in 1972. The album was produced by Reggie Verghese .

here :

Later the song was "converted" into Malay... :D by Ismail Haron, Singapura's version of Tom Jones.

under the name or title as "Seniman Menangis". The lyrics could be construed as vulgar by Muslims... LOL because he drinks till drunk!... aku minum aku minum hingga mabok. :D :P :)


Later Jamal Abdillah carried the torch with his own version with a change in the lyrics. A milder version of expressing frustrations... I think Jamal only sang his version in a concert, but never recorded it. While playing the piano to boot!!!


By the way, I saw Frankie Cheah singing at the opening of the second Ice Skating Rink at Sungai Wang Plaza. the other performers was (I'll add the name later, cps I forgottenhis name.)

Pictures are not in any particular order....

this also proves that one can learn anything with the internet. Be it musical history, debates or lectures and Quran recitations.

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