Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Never too late to have my piece.


Whats the issue of the day? I'm typing anything that comes to mind, trying to recall. What do I think of Pak Lah? Well, I think he should leave, seeing at the damage he's done so far. The damage might just be perceived but it might also be true. 
To list them down would be impossible, seeing that I lack resources presently. Just to name a few would be justifiable though. Double tracking, The crooked bridge. The fourth floor. Any unsaid animosity to his predecessor. I think that should cover some thoughts I've been having. There are more, but they're not coming out of my head at the moment.
The latest brick is the one about their outburst protesting Tun's comments regards UMNO elections. A little childish if you ask me. Coming from the likes of Ahmad Shaberi Chik the Minister of Information.As competent people would do, they should just let Tun blab out what ever he wants, where is the freedom of speech that they have been championing?

Shaberi should realise what a fool he's out of himself, taking on the master of blab, LIVE! For the whole nation to judge. He should know better that not all Malaysians have the same IQ level. That shaker only got to make Shabby the fool is enough to bring the house down.

Come to think of it, even UMNO members don't have the same level IQ. Thats why there are leaders. And there are LEADERS. And about 3 million followers. The registered ones. Them too aren't that reliable, otherwise WE would have cruised thru.

I hope we'll get a new one soon. But I think the next one too will not be long in office. Just look at the number of schools that has been relocated. BBGS comes to mind. In its place, a grand commercial complex. Weld swimming pool behind it was long gone years before, depriving the likes of me a place to cool down and exercise at the same time. 

How many fronts can one cover at one sitting? Maybe I'll be back with more later. But just an after thought, if I recall correctly, we, as in Tun and Daim did sold bonds back then. Are we covered?


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