Monday, July 4, 2011

Can you believe this?

When she gave away condoms, the shout their head off! Now they wanna put her on a pedestal.. WOW! (shaking my head here)
We respect this lady. She the type to call a spade a spade.. Can you?


FeeratedMalayStates said...

jon pour do care said...

Salam Tuan,

" Something very interesting in this posting but Tuan, you stop short answering your 'one million dollars question' ! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN ?

I humbly believe this question has been bugging the malays also ! Can you help to find the answer(s)? Help is needed here !"

I got the answer to the million dollar question.

This happen due to the gentleness and naivity of the Malays culture.
After WW2 no country give citizenships to Indian labourers (pariah) or Chinese dulang washers kuli like Malays did.

The Federated Malays States changes its name to Malaysia and consist of 9 Malay Sultanates all Malays and the King is Malay. All the MBs are Malays. The civil service is run efficiently by Malays. The country is defended against the Chinese communists by Malays Regimen. Malaysia as the most peaceful country in the world is run by the Malay Police Force.

I hope you notice that this is a Malay country with Malay language and culture. The Chinese and Indians kept dual citizenships as they think of going back. They never thought being Malaysians until the opportunity came up. Dual citizenships are not allowed now. But the vernacular schools teaching Mandarin and tamil ensure that they can go back home and be bumiputeras in their fatherland.

The problem is due to the generosity of the Malays, they appointed the son of an Indian from Kerala as UMNO President and PM, Mahathir who loathe the Malay language. Belittling Malay as not suitable for science and Mathematics. They can speak Malay at home, said the half Indian.

Unknowing to the majority of
Malays, Mahathir slowly dismantle Malay culture which of course he is not privy to as his father was Indian.

Indian business man Ananda became the richest man in Malaysia with monopoly in Oil and Gas, Bumi Armada, Astro, Maxis etc.

The Malays makan gaji or become writer eking out a living. The generosity of Malays made them forget that DAP are ex communist Chinese sympathisers so people like Anas thought they are of the normal human race.

But history has shown that the human race is run by the stronger race. The Red Indians were killed by Christian European in US. The US is not a melting pot, its land grabbing by European at the natives expense.

Naivity is also akin to stupidity. So those who think they are of a human race will be surprised when they are refused entry to the US or New Zealand haha.

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