Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Death and the living

Michael is dead, long live the prince or is it king of POP. Not that important who he was, whats important is where he is heading. Not to us but to him.
Anyone remember how Princess Diana died? When she died? She died in a traffic accident. When did she die? She died on the eve of her marriage to a muslim. AL Fayed. The son of a successful egyptian business man.

Michael died too. On the eve of his mega tour, with millions worth of tickets sold. He died on the eve of announcing his ISLAM. Imagine the millions of fans watching and finfing out their idol embraced ISLAM. Right when the image of muslims is being battered and bruised, we can't have this super idol embracing it can we?

On the local scene, the death of an ex reporter made headlines. Somebody said he saw but did not talk to the dead man. He only saw. Last heard, the man was summoned to be present for an interview with the police. Complied, but what is disturbing is the shouts and anger shown. As if the MACC wanna kill their witness. Even (of course presumably) after the fact, he was the star winess and MACC wants to kill him, for the life of me, I still can't figure out what MACC motive is to remove this poor soul. Or if its as what they are saying that MACC should be responsibly held accountable for this life draining crisis. MACC could have just differently do a better job of embracing their witness. I 'm getting too sleepy to continue.

But these are my theorys. Just food thought.

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