Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Is there such a thing? I've been meaning to say somethings here, but the mood wasn't there or perhaps I couldn't drag myself away from reading other blogs and the comments there.

Last Sunday I join some of my primary school mates at Kelab Shah Alam Selangor. I thought it was Kelab Di Raja Shah Alam Selangor but that piece of confusion has been rectified.

Can you imagine meeting someone you last met on the last day of your primary schooling? Someone you know way back in 1966-1971? Happiness is bliss, not ignorance.
I met one of my schoolmates, Mr Tan Choon Tian, I hope I got that right. He's a successful businessman now. Into logistics if I'm not mistaken.
I met other friends too, but we've met earlier, before today unlike Toon Tian. Thats what I'd used to call him.

I also got to meet a, how do one describe her? She was one of the more developed amongst us back then. ;))) I remember our class teacher, Mr Ainon saying, she'd be the 1st among us to get married. Nyettttttttttttttt!!!!. Wronggggggggg!!! I was the last one to arrived that day. The reason being that I had some work to be done. That is why I don't get to hear what she was up to all this while, save a little. I found out later that she's a globe trotter. Like I always say, some people have all the luck. Sorry I took so long to introduce her. She is Kurniawati.

If I can recalled, she did say she lived in AU1, which is near Bengkel MARA. To think that that was the area that I use to ply my lorry selling cooking gas to shops in the early 80s. Fate kept us all apart, Toon Tian, Koden, Rajan, Loceng, Jan, McE, Dzamri and Fazie, Gah, Tharu, Rosita and all those not mention here, and also not forgetting Kurniawati. I swear that I peck her on the cheek when I see her, but I was scared her hubby might not approve. hahahahaa A mystery to non-schoolmates. This story is.

Anyway. welcome to the club, Toon Tian and Kurniawati.

I have a proposal for Choon Tian. If you look down a couple of post below there is a picture of a Ferret Armoured Car, the one like those we'd use to clamber on whenever they stop by in Jitra. As you can see, its all glass and it was presented to the previous YdPertuan Agong the Raja of Perlis. How would you like a container lorry in a glass case just like the one mentioned? I'd love to make one for you. For a fee of course. :)))

That too only if you visit this blog.

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