Friday, May 28, 2010

Are these People for REAL?

Scram jet technology? SRAM!! Damn it!!

USAF vehicle breaks record for hypersonic flight

"I would like to see less of a focus upon weapons and more focus upon cures for some of the diseases that plague humanity. Cancer, AIDS, and Parkinson's Disease, among others, are what we should cure right away. I am worried that too much money is being made from having these diseases alive and growin in the population for a real effor to be made in finding cures."

Bah, too many people in the world, most in underdeveloped third world countries. Weapons development will provide the means to cull most of these in the near and mid future.

At least that what the envirowackos would like to see happen. Only a small percentage of the world's population actually contributes anything to the advancement of the race. When 50% of the world's population has even made a phone call, what does that tell you?

...and yes, for the slow, this is satire.

Comments by Roberts

Another one comments (the Name is Sydney)
• Cancer and other Disease cures will not happen. The research $ "Golden Goose" industry would be lost if cures and vaccinations were available. Researchers would stand to lose millions /billions of research dollars / grants / donations to study the problem.

There's no long-term profit in cures of any disease !
That surely is a great achievement for the States.
And before we know it,a Chinese Spy working for one of the companies working on the project will provide their "Motherland" with all the details,and in 12 months time,China will unveil their "version".
"Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery"- not. Says Colin.
Mean while an Idiot name Bob said, It sure would be a game changer if we could fly SCRAMJets into space. Lets make it hapen!!!

Congrats to P & W, Rocketdyne, and Boeing!

Hello dude... there is no oxygen in space,, duhh..... Game here meaning War I suppose.

But I guess the next dude sums it all up for these AMERICANS, I’m sure they are AMERICANOSE hahahaha Who's going to be the American spy(s) to sell these classified secrets to foreign governments ? Just like nuclear weapons. For some reason, we pay to develop these technologies and they're given away, at the very least without compensation.

Then cheap foreign governments recreate and sell technologies like a commodity. And it's used against us. Are we just stupid or what ?

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Wake UP! said...

Diseases are being created in labs so that people will die because of these diseases.

Another New World Order way to reduce the world population.

Jesus Christ is not the same as Allah.