Thursday, May 20, 2010


This Friday is the 1st time that I attended Friday prayers at the new Masjid Usamah bin Zaid. Its placed on a hill slope with a very steep slip road. But thanks to my 16 speed bicycle, I was able to cycle up the slope.

Upon locking and chained my bike to a lamp-post I went looking for the ablution area and also the toilets. The signage was quite confusing. Maybe the mosque management should consider changing them.

I was early. An ustaz was giving a talk before the proper Friday prayers. The hall was hardly a quarter full. Maybe not even one fifth. It caught me by surprise. Maybe the ulamaks should remind people that if they come to Friday prayers after the second azan is over, then their prayers and deeds for the friday prayers does not count. Then your deeds for the day is disqualified. One other thing that is always done in Kedah but not in KL is the reminder not to talk while the khutbah is given. I have seen adults too talking during the khutbahs. Not at this mosque, but other mosques. Even if one were to shush some one else or say, "quiet".

While taking these pictures in the hall, a man brushed my hand while passing by me. He turned out to be my desk mate in standard four! He is now an officer in a big conglomerate! They are not lucky, but they work for it. Unlike some people who only likes to blame others, esspecially the government for their failures.

You can see in the two pictures inside the main hall. the top one is after the 2nd azan and the 2nd picture is just before the 1st azan . The hall remains almost the same. Anyway, what I like about today's khutbah is that, it is about ulamaks. With regards to respect for ulamak. How they are to be treated, bla bla bla. I wished I had a copy of the khutbah's text. But what really caught and stayed in my memory is, that ulamaks are the mainstay of society. If ulamaks are good, then society will be good, but if ulamaks are bad, then, society will be bad.

Now let us reflect this on some of our "ulamaks". There are certainly good ones but if the good ones don't correct the not so good ones, then surely this is reflected in our society. But certain ulamaks conveniently put the blame on the umarak. The PEMIMPINS!

Therefore, I hereby challenged these ulamak to say that what I have written here is untrue, and I shall delete them and beg forgiveness from them and from god. They should do the right thing, be good ulamaks. But like Tun had already warned them, they are not really ulamaks, but just some unqualified people masquarading as ulamaks.

These days, religious students don't study everything unlike in the past where the tok gurus are qualified to open their own madrasahs. Do we see any new madrasahs opening up? Not many. Thats because the new students don't have the capacity to teach everything.I am not an ulamak, or even a religious student, but dare you tell me I am wrong? You tell me.

I can go on and on. But I think this is enough for today.


KODEN said...

Salam, Ooops Dude. Sorry but i'm vry sure u need to check ur facts on ur statements in that last paragraph. Gone were the days that anybody can open up anything. i.e. ulamak nak buka madrasah @ sekolah pondok n apa2 lagi lah. Aku nak buka tadika ka. Hang nak buka kedai solek ka. These days Dude, the words bereucracy n procedure will determine weater these intend can b realised or otherwise.
Please don't blame kat yg nak buat tapi end up tak boleh buat. I always like to use this word "mudahcara". Tau kan apa maksud nya? Tapi bahasa Melayu tak dak perkataan "susahcara" Kan? Funny but the fact is that the word susahcara tu yg banyak d gunapakai dlm the so call procedures.
Hang pikiaq tengok betoi tak apa yg aku kata ni. Sory kalau salah tapi aku rasa aku betoi tang ni.



dud said...

aku rasa aku betoi tang qualifications depa,, they major in one subject, and minors or minus the rest, where else islam tu complete....

darah59 said...