Monday, August 31, 2009

Dear oh dear

It was about five in the afternoon. I had just been to Bandar Tasek Selatan, but only at the LRT station. My brother was waiting for me there. The meeting was set a day or two before. He said, he got some things to give me, namely some shirts and a pair of shoes.

I only expected maybe 2 or the most 3 shirts, but I got maybe a dozen. All secondhands or hand-me-downs. But even though they were worn or used, I guess the owner seldom put them on. They were in very good condition. Not like some clothes I found donated at some fire related accidents. I used to present myself then, to help the wakil rakyat's assistants. There were a few fire related incidents. Usually the fire occurs at setinggardens of stubborn dwellers.

Anyway, there I was at the Central Market Putra station wondering whether to return to Setapak or break fast in town. Then I thought, why not ask the boys to join me. Where is Central Market? Can we take a rain check? Oh , ok, forget about it then. I ended the call. Before I know it, I bought a 2nd hand Nokia 6700, chrome. Its beautiful, now I have a camera to record anything I come across or whatever I wish. Here are some of the 1st pictures i took. But the boys raya budget has been reduced greatly. Dear oh dear.

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