Friday, August 21, 2009

Banking Phobic

Today I receive a cheque from EPF. I applied for a withdrawal a couple of weeks before. How I wish they would give me my savings in cash. But no. Its not their policy and so I would have to go through the humdrum of opening an account, get a card and also fill up forms. The 1st thing when I get the card is to change the pin number, they instructed. Guess what? I did change the pin number but before you know it, the machine swallowed my card, saying there's been an error, please refer to the bank for further action. Luckily I just received the card only minutes ago. So off I went to the officer in charge of "swallowed" cards. He handed me a form, please fill this. Arghh. Ok, you got to do what you got to do. Fill them I did, but the cashier said "you have to pay a penalty". What? Can I just closed this damned account and get back my deposit? "No sir, we will have to penalise you for that too". argghhhh.
In the end, I have to swallow my pride and just follow the rules. I hate banks. I have never had any dealings with banks for decades! Now I hafta open an account, just so that I can get my hands on my savings. The cheque should clear by wednesday they told me. Then I can use that money for some business this ramadan. Any ideas?


attarturk said...

Salam Dude,

Rezeki hg juga tu..alhamdulillah bolehlah guna untuk keperluan anak2 hg raya nanti..raya balik jitra ke?

usssooong!!! said...

heh nak menega apa tu. Tak dan nak pikiaq pasai dah kick off PARAM. buat mini glass item. besaq besaq dua ibu jari atau pun think about any kacas yang boleh get along dgn ang pow raya. ok pa?

tuan tanah kedawong said...

boleh buat, boh duit dalam test tube, depa kena pecahkan kaca untuk dapatkan duit.. sebatang 3 ringgit. amacam?
usssooong ?
fapet.. yang merangkak tu bayi,,,