Saturday, August 1, 2009

Setengah orang.

I'm thinking about some people. Some people who want other people's lives to go haywire with their antics. Some people whose antics bring disrepute to the nation. Some people who like to drag some other not so smart people to join them in their unbelievable cause. Some people who want to be believed but their actions warrants unbelievabality or a certain amount of disbelievablelity. Wow, I must have created a couple of new word there or hahahaa, nevermind.

I am thinking about some people who got the nerves to lie. The same people whose nerves are not as great as their ethics. But their egos. Huh! You tell me about it. And these same people can really make some not so smart people follow them.. Thats what amazes me.

These people really can get to you. They can make you mad, I think. NO? Perhaps not, but. Never mind.

I've been wondering for sometime now.You know, just like the last scene in P Ramlee's Hang Tuah? who is right? Is it Jebat or is it me, Hang Tuah who is right. anyone remember? NaHHHH. Nevermind again. But the arguments against, and evidence too, are pretty solid if you may ask. But still they believed. What happened? How did he do it?

I ain't finished yet, ya hear? I'll be back!!!


penyokong raja nong chik said...

Wah, menarik sungguh tuan punya hasil tangan. Hebat. Saya akan dtg lagi melawat blog ni bila lebih banyak masa.


Salam Bro,
Bravo for n xcellent piece of writting.
Im not too sure thou. Is this a political satire that u r trying to pen in? Ur views/frustration/anger or any other adverse feeling on the current political atmosphere?
My best advise is u should continue to write bcos u've got class in writting bro. But u r obviously full of fiction n emotions that u fail to highlite facks n figures that is backed with proof n evidences in ur political comment.
That only make u very shallow bro. Sorry but it's very clear that political writting is NOT ur cup of T. Shape up or Ship OUT bro.
N last but NOT least, showing off ur photo with 1 of our former PM will only stamp on my statement of u being emotional when u write.
Don't let ur talent go wasted. Stick to fiction bro.

but, hey its my blog said...

wonder who you are budak, hehehe.. nobody is serious here. no attempt at all to be great too. I can swim even in the deep end no problem. and yes, emotions get to me. and this is my blog, i write what pleases me tq. cool


Salam Bro,

On many an occations, u came close to bagging for comments. N when i offer a sincere one, praising u where it matter n condemming where it counts, u get emotional all over again.
Have I not proved a point or two? Or may be even by the dozens!!
Wake up bro, u've pasted your half century mark. What else do u need to bring u to senses?
I sincerely think u MUST continue ur writting BUT please avoid serious topics. Serious topics need facts n NOT emotions s a foundation to ur arguements. Yes, emotions moves the topic but that is about all that it can do.
I'll repeat this " Don't let ur talent go wasted. Stick to fictions bro".
(How I wish Gaban is around to add on to my comments.)

GABAN said...

Well well well..didn't know that Gaban had a following too. What "BAT" said are true, the whole truth and nothing about the tooth..ooppss..
Anyway lets not talk about Hang Tuah or even P.Ramlee's Hang Tuah. I see where BAT is leading to, about the writer being emotional and would slash out comments which are against what he wrote..I had that treatment a few times, but who cares as long as I can get my thoughts thru, WTF.
Ur writing is good bro..minus the emotional feel that comes after comments received..You're a very old KID..u realise?

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