Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Social Contract

Its unwritten. But now we have found the basis for its creation. Even though it is said to be unwritten, BUT!,, it is written in the form of a will by the sultans and rajas.

Majlis Raja-Raja said:

Kontrak Sosial ini tidak wajar dipertikai dan dipersoalkan lebih-lebih lagi disemak semula atau diubah kerana ia adalah merupakan asas utama pembentukan negara Malaysia. Untuk itu Raja-raja Melayu wajar memperingatkan supaya isu berkaitan Kontrak Sosial tidak sekali-kali cuba diuji dan dicabar.

And here is the original will or wasiat raja2 melayu which was made even before MERDEKA. wasiat

Jadi, usah lah jadi seperti sesetengah pengikut2 MALAUN yang telah menanamkan pendirian atau kepahaman seperti ," raja2 dan sultan2 hanya dari keturunan lanun2 dan penyamun2 yang menaik takhta setelah menjadi kuat" atau ayat2 yang seangkatan dengannya.

To the non malays/muslim who reads this, I apologise if I have cause any alarm in you. Do not be so, because if I uphold the will of the rajas and sultans , so be it I will uphold what has been agreed.

Peace for Malaysia. We shall live as one.



Salam Bro,

Again n again u keep getting ur facts wrong. Do u know who made that "raja n sultan from keturunan lanun" phrase famous?
Non other then the PM u proudly took photo with (with ur kids).
Now, now, now. For once,let's not get emotional bro. Will u label ur hero a MALAUUN?
Stick to fiction bro, stick to fiction!

GABAN said...

Its a well known fact that Raja and Sultan of yesteryears are from the stronger clans. There are no elected representative those days..You have to whack them to let them know who is boss..Thats where the name TUAN KU comes of use. Ini bukan aorta..tapi fakta..hahahaha...

GABAN said...

I will let BAT whack u so that he'll be called Tuan Ku by you..hahahaha..

what ever said...

you are welcome


Salam Bro,

Gues wht Gaban say is true. U r stil a kid at 50. Amazing!
Get real bro. U write well. Why stop? Write some fictions please.
Or something about monkeys. U did well on tht one too.
Ur writting really sounded real on unreal topics like tht KEJAR HANTU thing. Ingat, don't write something u r shallow at. N don't get emotional!

Otramen said...

I have a feeling "what ever" is u la Glassman. What a response. Can't u take reality? I'm sure u can swallow a bitter pil bcos it'll cure ur illness.
Funny why can't you swallow these honest views if it can cure ur incompetencies?
Come on bro, stand up n b counted. Put it all into what u r good at rather then being emotional n sorry for something u r so shallow at.

Anonymous said...

what ever is disagreeable is shallow? is that it? yes it was me. so what.,this is my opinion

GABAN said...

Opinion respected..but don't la say it in that tone..Relax lah bro. Its ur blog. Do it as u wish. But since it was made public, then the public's response had to be considered..Don't u think so bro?

me me me said...

For your info "budak", heheheh, that kejar hantu story was real, and is real. I went through that experience.

And who can prove that Tun M said what I said somebody else probably said?

Budak Amat Tajuddin said...

Ayaaa! This blog taukeh is so arrogant. But so short in memory, facts n substance.
Daeh tamby! Which Malaysian PM was responssible for the reduced of th Rulers power? There was long debates then. N that was when he brought back this infamous quote!
Dn't wory bro, don't stop writting. All u need to do in future is not to write based on emotions. It's as simple as that. Do alot of facts finding before u write on topics of this nature.
Are u the type that shrug away the smallest challenge that comes ur way?
Hope u r not.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha.. me arrogant? hahahaha