Sunday, October 18, 2009

For SALE!!!!

Nokia 2730 classic - Products
The Nokia 2730 classic lets you take advantage of fast 3G internet access to stay on top of events, keep up with email, and stay connected with friends.
Nokia 2730 classic - Specifications
The Nokia 2730 classic features fast 3G internet access, a built in music player with radio, connected services, and photography.
Nokia 2730 classic - Accessories
Nokia 2730 classic is compatible with a host of practical accessories designed to bring the best out of your phone.
Saya dah ada dua phone, penangan kawan yang kata nak beli fon 2nd hand yg baru saya beli, laa ni ada tiga fon, dua 2nd hand, satu brand new, mint condition, kotak dia jer yang agak terok sikit, pasal asyik dok buka tutup buka tutup, bateri pun belum charge lagi, skrin cover protection pun tak buka lagi. Jadi nak jual lah yg baru ni.

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