Friday, January 8, 2010

A Lebanese Christian point of view, copied from rockybru, sorry bro. pinjam sat.

Anonymous said...
dear friends

From an arab's mouth, who has been in both worlds, christianity and islam:

Born in lebanese christian family, then moved to US, following his mother who married an American,

Dr Gibriel commented:

1-Christianity is a big religion. In all religions, there will be a "deity". Focus of worship. Any religion's deity, will have Specific Name (Nama Khas), and this name will be maintained, regardless of local languages and changes of locations of worship. In hindu, there will be Siva, Visnu, etc.Where ever the hindu is, same name will be used in their worship.

Are we saying now, that there is no Specific Deity and Deity name in christianity? So desperate is the situations, that Christians need to change and follow based on localities, and locations?

Even in English Dictionaries, even in Britanicca, "Allah" is the name of the "deity" for Muslims."Allah" is NOT a malay word.

2. Why is it that Malaysian Catholics, and Pakiam, suddenly deperately running out of word to call their God, and has to borrow the specific name of "deity" of muslims? If they want to be localized and patriotik, the malay word for God is Tuhan. Why insist on Allah?

If it is so important for Malaysian Christians to pray in bahasa melayu, then it is Tuhan.

Allah is not bahasa melayu, but, is the name of God in Islam, which is the religion embraced by most malays.

3. Dr Gibriel highlighted that the three different versions of prayers before eating or before sleeping, either catholic, protestant, or orthodox, are almost the same. All used the term "Our Father In The Heaven", not even the word God.

Cut the chase. Cut the craps. Dont beat around the bush. We all know pakiam's ability to twist and spin, but, lets call a spade a spade.

Pakiam has clear ulterior motives. Against, this country, Malaysia.

His intentions to please his bosses and masters in europe and US, in meeting the KPI to convert as many malays as possible, penetrating the "enemy" line as he termed it, is well and above his duty to maintain peace and harmony, and allegiance to this country. he is definitely not interested to observe the National Constitution, or the Position of our YDP King. god forbid, what he really thinks of these two.

Who is the "Agent Provocateur" then?

And the lady judge? Innocent? Intellectual? Academic?

dont think so...

-call a spade a spade-