Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Merdeka Man

This piece is special. It took more than a couple of months to complete. This piece was started at our temporary bengkel close to MINDEF. And it was "completed" at our new bengkel near the Air Panas PPR flats or Penduduk Pendapatan Rendah(see address above). That said, it still is not completely finish. I imagine making more pieces of this kind. Ideas flourished in my head, alas......

I've thought of looking for a patron for my art, but where do I start? Age is catching up on me. I used to sit for six hours at a stretch to complete a piece, but of a different style or texture or technique. But this Merdeka Man is completely different from what I've done before. It is actually pieces of 4 mm rods interconnecting to form the shape. Oops, there goes the secret.

Like I mentioned above, ideas and pieces are all in my head. But I can't put food in my stomach making them. Perhaps they won't see the light of day if things go on the way they are. I even got myself in the newspapers a few times hoping to attract that "patron". I got a wife once. And lost a family. Can't blame anybody.

Back to me and enough of the sob story. Anyone out there got any ideas?

I did approach a very very very rich relative once or twice. Both turn out to be very unpromising. Friends did help out once. It did not turn out as well as we hope out it will. I'm always grateful to have them friends. How I repay their kindness is beyond me. For now that is. Only Allah the Great can.

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