Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Miracle of the Splitting Moon


I was youtubing(remember i just coined that word) and watch some amazing and sometimes disturbing video clips. From storms lashing on light houses to hail storms that broke car windscreens. Then my buddy said, he does not believe in the "moon landing". I said, I do.

From there, I went to Apollo clips to some absurd behaviour of trying to force Neil Armstrong to swear on a bible that he landed on the moon, to which Mr Neil Armstrong replied,"you do not deserve a reply". Then I remember stories about Mr Armstrong hearing the azan while he was on the moon. And also some other story about the fault line on the moon.

So i googled moon images, and one thing led to another. I stumble upon a debate about the moon splitting. . There were also some helpful ones who gave urls for pictures and scientific opinion about the moon having been split in the past.

Shukoor, Al hamdu lillah, Allah hu Akbar . Praise to god for strengthening our faith.
The debates gave good points to ponder and show how truly the Holy Quran is regarding the non-believer way of showing their disbelieve, exactly!

The end is near.


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