Friday, December 11, 2009

and its not even Friday the 13th!!!

woke up, cycle to the loo, its a long way off from where I sleep. As soon as I step in, got a call, my bro telling me to get a small lorry or a large van. "We need it to transport a medical bed for mother. Get it!" Ok, will do, but I simply couldn't tell him where I was right that very moment.

After all the nitty gritty of getting ready for the day was done, I thought, where am I, or rather whose could I borrow? I settle for that little Indonesian immigrant, Wakk. "But the brakes are faulty. But they still work." I've driven cars with poor brakes before. No problemo.

Skipping breakfast, I pick up a younger man to help me lift the bed. But horrors of horrors, the brake were not poor, they don't work!!! I depressed my right foot a few times but the lorry waiting at the lights were approaching. I twist the wheel to my right, hoping to slow the van with the kerb! But NO! The van had a life of its own. It jumped the kerb and I hit a tree. Not very hard but hard enough to cause my door to jammed.

I didn't know it at the time. Only when we reach sister's house did I found out. "Err, they seem reluctant to lend us that bed. anyway, we're getting one from the hospice." I took off immediately. I told Wakk, I crash your van and he went into a tirade of "being a muslim means being responsible. Being sane is being responsible..." What the... who said anything about irresponsibility?

My mechanic neighbours, Wakk's neighbours too, quoted me RM350 to have the van repaired. I took the van elsewhere and got a lower quotation. Now, where am I gonna get .....

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