Monday, December 7, 2009

lawyer versus journalist

Where are we going to now?

I did some research, Hurricane Hattie was an actual hurricane.

>> Hurricane Hattie was a powerful Category 5 hurricane that hit Central America on Halloween during the 1961 Atlantic hurricane season. It caused millions of US dollars in damages and killed 319 people. <<

Took that from wikipedia.

And Hurricane Hattie is/was also a character from Born Loser. Probably derived from the actual hurricane, seeing that "The Born Loser" was created around that time.

What has all this got to do with the title? Uh oh.. Mebbe that "Hurricane Hattie" the character was a child. But that kid never ran away crying to mommy or daddy did she? Uh oh... Duh... Just wondering why? An eye for an eye, so a writing for a writing, cannot aaaaa? hahahaaha I read some there and some there too. And if you really scrutinise there are holes in the defence. In the writing. Are you sure you wrote them?

Talk about being liberal, talk about being principled, talk about reforming. All talk. People talk, you reply. There a line somewhere in history, it goes something like this,"I wiil defend to death your right to say it." But in this case, I'm gonna sue you, bugger. hahahahaha

Comprende? But at the end, we'll all will be answering.

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